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Meerkat Maantuig

Aspiring botanist Gideonette de la Rey is convinced she’s destined to die at an early age because of a family curse—a belief that only intensifies after her father suddenly passes away. As the frightened 13-year-old recoils from the world, her mother sends her to stay with her grandparents on their lush farm. Despite her grief, Gideonette is mystified by their quirks: her grandmother has an invisible dog, Bing-Bing, while her grandfather spends his nights building an elaborate contraption dubbed a “meerkat moonship” for her new friend Bhubesi, a little boy who cheerfully spends his days training to be an astronaut. When she tragically discovers the root of this obsession (and, soon after, more about her father’s death) it’s an emotional double whammy that causes a final confrontation with her all-consuming fears.

Director: Hanneke Schutte
Writers: Hanneke Schutte
Run Time: 96 minutes

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Sun. Oct. 14, 2018 11:30 AM
All films at the TIFF Bell Lightbox