Lara van Niekerk is the star of #Getting to Know Us, this week.

Find out more about our bubbly Director of Festival Management & Silent Auction!


What’s your role on the TSAFF board? 

I am the Silent Auction Coordinator, I am also involved in project management tasks and film screening.

How long have you been with TSAFF?

I joined TSAFF in 2015.

What’s one thing that stands out as a highlight from the past few years?

It is a tremendous amount of work, but at the end of each festival, we have a real sense of pride and joy in what has been accomplished by all involved.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being part of TSAFF?

Highlighting South African film and documentary talent and being able to make a lasting contribution to those needier than us in South Africa and Canada.

How did you get involved with TSAFF?

Providing education is one of my passions and after my first year of attending the film festival, I wanted to get involved to help raise funds for our partner organization, Education without Borders.

What do you do in your spare time? Any interesting hobbies?

Weather permitting in Toronto, I love tennis and sailing!

What is your one wish for a future TSAFF event?

I would be so happy to host Trevor Noah one year. Every year our event gets bigger and we raise more money for a great cause, I would of course like for this trend to continue.