Two first-time filmmakers explore the war for rhino horn. Initially setting out on a six-month project, the duo leave their jobs, sell their homes, even move in with their mothers while they quickly find themselves immersed in a world far larger and more dangerous than they had imagined, only emerging from their odyssey four years later. In this roller-coaster ride between Africa and Asia, the women embed themselves on the front- lines of a species genocide where they are given exclusive access to the enforcement aspect of the fight.

From rangers, pilots and K9 units patrolling the hardest hit national parks to elite police units raiding wildlife trafficking dens in major cities to state prosecutors working in dingy courtrooms who must fight well-oiled and wealthy defense teams. The source site in Africa is attack and flaunts a flawed justice system protecting the planet’s worst criminals. At the demand site in Asia, they filmmakers venture deep undercover, filming in repressed, totalitarian regimes where every day means staying ahead of communist party monitors as well as enduring dangerous encounters with illegal wildlife dealers.

Back home in Africa, they follow a Vietnamese researcher bravely trying to expose rhino horn sales inside African markets, showing that demand is worldwide. Survivors of rhino poaching, also challenge the system and come in two versions. Both are hard to spend time with, but this is done through the eyes of the saviours: the vets who choose not to euthanize but use groundbreaking techniques to give patients a second chance. And those who have been orphaned after watching their mothers die at the hands of humans. And yet, they must accept the help of humans to live. A harrowing but deeply moving journey of those fighting to keep these iconic animals on our planet.


What The Critics Say

“The breakout documentary of the year” – The Citizen

“Four years in the making, the result is a powerful and incredibly moving film” – The Star

“This film will change things” – Africa Geographic



  • San Francisco Green Film Festival – The Green Tenacity Award
  • Santa Cruz Film Festival – Spirit of Action¬†Feature Film Award
  • San Pedro International Film Festival – Best Documentary Award
  • Glendale International Film Festival – Best Female Filmmaker Award
  • LA Femme International Film Festival – Special Focus Documentary Award
  • San Diego International Film Festival – Best Documentary Award
  • Mystic Film Festival – Best International Documentary Award
  • Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam – Newcomer Award
  • Berlin Courage Film Festival – Best Documentary Award + Most Courageous Film
Director: Susan Scott
Running time: 134 minutes
Language: English


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