Even though it seems that Lithuania and South Africa have nothing in common, one community proves it wrong. Almost all – about 90% – of around 80,000 Jews in South Africa are Litvaks – originally from Lithuania – a country once known for its thriving Jewish community and culture and its capital dubbed “Jerusalem of the north”.

During more than a century Litvaks successfully established themselves in South Africa. Some of them became well known in the art or business world, others immersed into political world, including fighting against apartheid. The vibrant Litvak community in South Africa finds its ways to cherish bonds with Lithuania.

But what will the future unfold? Will the young generation be interested in their grandparents’ homeland? What does Lithuania mean for them? Does the Litvak identity exists? Why so many people only want to forget ‘The Old Country’? This documentary strives to answer all these and more questions by giving a platform to the Litvak community in South Africa to tell their story: story through different generations, from the ones who remember their trip from Lithuania to SA themselves to the ones who know this only from their grandparents’ and parents’ stories and want (or not) to look for their origins.

NOTE: The screening of this film will be followed by an interview with Nik Rabinowitz. Featured in this film, Nik is a well know South African comedian, actor and author.

Snowball Rolled South

Director: Ieva Balsiūnaitė
Running time: 52 minutes
Language: English



Sponsored by SNOB